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SEO (Search Engine optimization

Today SEO is considered the most important tool for web promotion. Customers often approach web designer or freelance web developers who has little idea about copy writing or content writing, they simply design the website and copy writing is given by the customer. The website is ready with no results.

Webxile offers SEO service with minimal charges with work on content writing and copy writing so that the websites basic SEO starts and the client is benefited in long term business.

For availing SEO service customers should be aware of following tips about SEO: Review your web site contents & Structure, focus on content development, keyword search, expertise in specific market, choose a company which gives results

Use of social media and quality link building are also important for SEO of the website. The title should be short and should convey the message to customers.

Web Marketing Solutions

SEO has its own importance but marketing of website is also important aspect in getting business from the market. We are putting some important aspects for clients to understand the need for marketing.

Few important steps for marketing of your websites: The most important aspect is to analyze what business the website is giving from present SEO and marketing. First step is certainly SEO but customer most also focus on : Directory and Search engine submission, important directories are google, yahoo, bing.

Use E-zines and Newsgroups, you can also use opt-in email mailings, Important aspect for SEO and marketing is Article Marketing Press releases: any information you wish to share about your company, new product launches etc, banner ads, blogs is another important aspect for marketing There are many ways to market your website for better customers clicks but avoid doing too much to same thing again and again..