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Webxile Policy

It hereby understood that the client/customer has read and fully understood all terms and condition of services provided by Webxile technologies:

Webxile offers services related to domain registration, website hosting and web development. These services are offered to client after mutual agreement on terms of services offered by webxile technologies.  At no point Webxile Technologies is liable to accept changes in terms of services once the work related to domain registration, Web site hosting and web designing after initiation of work.

Terms and conditions

1) Domain Registration

i) Domain registration is  a service, which Webxile Technologies is offering to third party. Once the domain name is registered, Webxile is not liable for any changes in name or extension used. As it is not possible as per international guidelines. 

ii) Payment received for domain registration will not be refunded to any client / Customer. Since the owner ship of the domain name is with the client. Customers and clients are requested to refrain from claims of refund of payment after domain registration.

iii) Clients/Customer are required to make sure that domain name given to webxile technologies for registration is right in all extents. As further changes in domain names are not possible once the domain is registered. Webxile Technologies is not responsible for any wrong registration of domain name as it is confirmed from the customer before registration of domain name.

iv) Clients / Customer are required to renew their domain before expiry of their domain. Webxile Technologies will not be liable for expiry of Domain name for non payment of domain name registration renewal payment.

v) Domain name registration rates are likely to change as per the international market. Clients / Customers are required to pay the revised prices as and when the prices are changed.

2) Website Hosting

i) Webxile Technologies provides web hosting services to clients based on their requirement. Webxile Technologies offers Website hosting plans as per customer requirement or customized hosting plan. Webxile Technologies have no fixed prices for customized hosting plans.

ii) Once the clients website is hosted after choosing of Plan by the clients, webxile technologies does not have liability to refund the amount paid by the client / Customer after 30 days of web hosting. This is applicable only for those customer who wish to see the service offered by Webxile Technologies.

iii) The 30 refund policy is applicable for for those clients who buy hosting plans directly from Webxile Technologies.

iv) Hosting features and hosting guidelines are given on the website. Clients/Customer are required to follow the guideline strictly. Suspension of account for non follow up of hosting guideline will lead to permanent closing or deletion of account. Clients / Customer are required to opt for new account for hosting their website.

v) Webxile Technologies reserves the right to suspend any hosting account as deemed fit for non following of hosting guidelines.

vi) Clients / Customer are required to renew their account on annual basis. Webxile Technologies would not be liable for suspension of hosting account for non payment.

3) Website Designing

Webxile Technologies offers web designing services to its clients / Customers as well.  All clients and customers are required to understand and read the terms and conditions carefully before  placing order of website designing with Webxile Technologies so as to avoid future complications:

i) Webxile Technologies will not be liable for non functioning of website designed by webxile and  hosted on other company server. Webxile will also not be liable for changes or maintenance of website is the client is using other company hosting.

ii) Websites designed by webxile technologies for its clients / customers are based on the information provided by its clients / Customers. Clients and customer are required to adhere to following points before providing website designing information to webxile Technologies. Webxile Technologies would not be liable for any problems arising because of website designing information provided by client / Customer:

a) All material provided by client does not violate copy write act.

b) Pictures, photo graphs and other designs does not violate copy write act.

c) The client has well understood the need to website designing and material provided by the client to webxile technologies. Wherein Webxile technology will not have any liability for violation of copy write if arises in future or any time in present.

iii) Website are hosted by webxile technologies only after approval of contents and web designing.  Clients and customers will not be refunded any amount related to web designing after  hosting of the website. Clients are required to make sure that website designing after hosting of the website will lead to extra charges as deemed fit or mutually agreed between client and webxile technologies. Clients/customers raising false claim for refund of money after website hosting will be liable to attract legal action for damage of  webxile technologies image and also creating false claim.

iv) Webxile technologies will not be liable for changes in the website after hosting the website. Webxile technologies offers maintenance services of website at nominal cost, if the client is interested in availing maintenance service for their website.

v) Webxile technologies works as per the details or information provided by clients. It will be clients liability if any information related to the products or services offered by clients / customer is found misleading or fraudulent. Webxile Technologies is just a service provided and has no liability for misleading information provided by the client / customer.

vi) Web designing services from webxile technologies has no fixed price. Webxile Technologies charges its clients as per the service requirement. Clients / Customer are required to follow the norms as discussed or mutually agreed. Clients / customers looking for additional service apart from the mutually agreed service would be liable to pay extra cost for additional service.

vii) Webxile Technologies will not entertain frequent changes in the website design or content writing or web scripts. Such changes will be based on additional service changes as deemed fit by webxile technologies or as mutually agreed with the client / customer.

It is hereby understood that all clients / customer have ready the terms and condition of domain name registration, website hosting and web designing before placing service request or entering into business for web designing, domain name and website hosting with webxile technologies.

Webxile technology does not have any liability or claim for any services provided to any client after the website is hosted. Domain name registration is as per international guidelines for domain name registration.

All disputes are subjected to Jaipur Jurisdiction only.