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Business Process Outsourcing

 Webxile has experienced and Technically qualified team of professionals working on web designing and development, Software development, Mobile Apps.

Clients can hire team of professionals from webxile on contract basis to cut done the cost of project or apps. Our team can be hired on following  terms:

1) Hiring a team or professional on project basis: The client can set the project deadlines and also cost to be paid for the project.  Webxile team will manage the project in the same cost and meet the deadline of the project. The main advantage of this process is that the client can continuously  work on more then one project  at a time using webxile team.

2)  Hiring individual developers for a specific period or project:  Clients can hire individuals from Webxile team to work on project on  contract basis for specific period or a specific project. Webxile can also manage following work of clients on contract basis:

i) Website maintenance service

ii) Online business inquiry of customers for business help related to developing of software, website and mobile apps.

iii) Providing online technical support to customers for any specific inquiry related to products sold or related to software and mobile Apps.

3)  Outsourcing Website designing, mobile apps development and software development: Webxile can act as service provider to companies looking to outsource their work for web designing, mobile Apps development, software development . Webxile can hire technically qualified personnel for each project on contract basis. This will help the client bring down the cost of operations. Webxile has own team of professional which can be utilized for each project as well.


Advantage of outsourcing projects to webxile

i) High proficiency in web designing, mobile apps development and software development

ii) Low cost of operations: Saving manpower cost , time and infrastructure.

iii) Meeting deadlines for each project

iv) Test of projects at all stages delivering high quality of product.

v) Increase in profitability, as the cost of operations will come down.

vi) Saving manpower over head costs. Webxile can provide team of professionals for all projects at reasonable cost. There is no need to hire people for new projects.

Webxile provides complete satisfaction to its clients for the work out sourced.